A Phenomenon.

The Missing Cow Story.

It was a clear day on a farm in an upstate town in New York, in a field of cows. At the end of the day, a cow came up missing, so the rancher and his crew went to check the fields to see if the cow was injured or stuck someplace, but did not see the cow on the property at all, next they went to check the fences for breaks, no breaks were found. Scratching their heads they went back to the ranch to discuss what could have happened to the missing cow. No one could come up with a reasonable explanation as to how the cow got off the property and where it was.

The next day some hikers found a large blood splash on the side of a mountain just above the trail they were hiking, along with the large blood splatter were very small fragment of cow hide and bone, the fragments were so small it took a forensic team to determine that it was a cow. When the rancher heard about the splattered cow, he thought it may be his cow, but this mountain side was about 20 miles away from the ranch, how could a cow end up splattered on a mountain side 20 miles away from the field it was on?

 A plane crashes.

A cargo 747 jet was on approach to land at Anchorage international airport. In a flash the jet was smashed into the side of a mountain more than a mile away from the airport. But the jet was on course and was nowhere near the mountain, one second it was heading towards the runway the next it was smashed into the side of the mountain. A pilot from another jet reported that the jet was in front of him then simple disappeared, it was there then it was gone. The cargo jet was smashed into many very small pieces; it will take months to put it all back together. The investigators studied the radar, just like the pilot following the jet said it was there one second, and the next it was gone, the jet was too high to have fallen below the radar, and it hit the mountain at about the same altitude that it was when it disappeared.

Further investigation showed the mass of destroyed parts at the crash site were not enough to be that of a 747 full of cargo, but the jet hit high on the top of the mountain, so they thought that the remainder of the debris would be past the mountain on the other side of the mountain, but there was nothing there at all. After they salvaged what they could from the crash site, they determined that the jet hit the mountain wing first and the jet was level from left to right, plains just can’t fly that way, they checked the weather to be sure there was no kind of wind shear, there was not. How could this happen, how did a 747 jet fly sideways into a mountain at a speed so fast that the radar could not pick it up? What happened to the rest of the jet?

This story is about a phenomenon.

There will not be any giant animals, spaceships, ghosts, alternate universes, time travel or other typical caused used in a story like this.

The missing cow and the plane crash are the first of many events, which bring us to realize that something very strange is starting to happen.

As it turns out the rest of the 747 cargo jet was found in the mountains somewhere in Russia, but the Russian government did not share this information with the United States, and started its own investigation into this new phenomenon. This put Russia at an advantage, because they now know that something carried this debris hundreds of miles past where the jet crashed, and the USA has no idea what happened to the rest of the jet. Russia is now listening to and reading all stories about things moving and ending up someplace else, they are looking for a pattern.

The USA is still stumped, and is also looking into unusual stories, hoping to find some answers. The USA investigators that are working the jet crash hear about the cow that was smashed into the mountain side, and are looking for a link between the 2. So far the only thing that is the same is the weather was clear and the jet and the cow smashed into a mountain.

Some time passes with lots of made up stories, but no real or provable incidents.

A passenger jet with over 350 people on board flying at 30,000 feet above China suddenly loses its cockpit and the jet crashes to the ground, the cockpit was never found. When studying the wreckage, it looked like the cockpit was sheared off of the end of the fuselage. There was no sign of burning or cutting it was like something hit it at great speed, but there was no sign of any other object that may have hit the jet and the whole cockpit pilots and all were never found. Investigators are wondering is this part of the same phenomenon, nothing crashed into a mountain this time, and where did the cockpit go, just like the rest of the cargo jet it just disappeared.

In Russia they know what happened to the cargo jet, but do not know anything about the cockpit of the passenger jet, they use their satellites to look for the cockpit on the ground someplace on the earth but never find anything, they suspect the USA has found it and is covering it up, But the truth is, the cockpit was never found by anyone.

What could cause these 3 events?

Special teams are set up. Both the USA and Russia set up teams made up of very special people. There are scientists, meteorologists, mathematicians, people from the CIA and KGB.

Names, personalities and personal stories for each character will follow.

If anyone actually reads this and wants to help, your characters may be welcome.

The passenger jet offers no clues about the phenomenon, but the cow and the cargo jet show the altitude from the starting place and the impact with the mountains is very close, and there was nothing between the cow and the mountain at that altitude, just a large valley. The same with the cargo jet, the cargo jet hit the top of the highest mountain in the area, so one of the scientists thinks if the altitude stays the same, and the cargo plane hit the top of the tallest mountain, maybe the rest of the cargo plane somehow continued in that direction at that altitude, the next higher mountain would be in Russia. Russia continues to deny the debris was found in their country, the USA is suspicious.

Now one of the scientists is thinking, if the passenger jet was flying at 30,000 feet, and there are no mountains that go as high as 30,000 feet, is the cockpit still moving across the sky at 30,000 feet? How can that be?

Although no one knows what the phenomenon is, military officers on both sides are thinking of ways to use it as a weapon. If only there was a way to control it, or predict where and how it starts.

A Pilot flying over China sees a flash of what looks like shining metal moving across the sky in a western direction, but it was moving so fast she could not make out what it was. But she was sure it was moving is a western direction. The members of the special team wonder if the shining metal could be parts of the missing cockpit from the passenger jet. They focus on the fact that the pilot said it was moving in a western direction. And compared this to the cow and cargo jet, and found that both the cow and the cargo jet smashed into the mountains west of their original position. So whatever the phenomenon is, it is moving in a western direction, at least the 3 known events show this.

Fingers from The sky.

One day a very small parachute about 30” diameter carrying what looks like a spear gun with an extended rope, drops from the sky over Washington DC. When it reaches the ground they find a hand still holding on to the trigger. The hand looks like it was ripped off of someone’s body. No other body parts are found. The hand was tested for finger prints, and came back to a known Russian KGB agent. Now the USA wants the Russian government to answer questions about this, they decline to comment, saying they know nothing about it. The USA now knows that Russia knows more about the phenomenon than they are telling. And may be trying to use it to plant a spy.