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Depression can destroy your life.

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  • Depression can destroy your life.

    Depression is not just having a sad day, everyone has a sad day now and then, but we who suffer from depression don't just have a sad day now and then, we have to fight every day to stop it from controlling everything.
    The bad part is we are tempted to give into it, but that only makes it harder to beat the next time.
    Sadly I have allowed my depression to ruin my whole life.
    I did not quit every time it got into my head, but I did quit often enough for it to destroy my life.
    The real truth is you have to fight it, if you feel too down to go to work, go to work anyway, too sad to go to the party, go to the party anyway, in the end, you will feel better when you do the things that depression will make you not want to do.
    Don't be afraid to say you are depressed or that you suffer from depression, but don't give in to it, fight with everything you have, every inch you let it take, it takes a piece of your life.
    Fighting is the only true answer.